Prior to founding Appcast in 2011, I was Sr. IT Strategy & Planning for “green field” SRED complexes with a nucleus in cultural empowerment in the Middle East. My mission on returning to Canada and founding Appcast was, generally, to make IT less frustrating for more people.

Appcast started as an app concept, which somehow evolved through to becoming an MSP. As my client relationships developed, I found myself gravitating back into that same “IT Strategy & Planning” role with them. Considering that this is where I offer my maximum value, we are evolving once again…

Appcast has become a Fractional/Virtual CIO (vCIO) Consultancy.

Accountable to your business first and foremost, we are expanding our reliance on partners for delivery of managed services, infrastructure solutions and support services.  Our primary focus is on ensuring that your IT is following a plan towards delivering maximum value to your business.

Let us tell you how.