How to avoid $22,000 Data Roaming charges when visiting Mexico

If you read the recent article about a B.C. Dad whose son ran up $22,000 in data charges on his iPhone while vacationing in Mexico, then you might have wondered if it can happen to you too.  The high price of data roaming is a fact of life (though typically not as high as it is with Rogers), and something we must be conscious of – not just as families going on vacation to Mexico, but as businesses who pay the mobile bills of employees making business trips.

In this post I cover a couple of options you have to make sure you don’t get hit with unexpected roaming charges the next time you or your employees take a trip.​

How to Limit Your Exposure to Java Vulnerabilities

If you think Java vulnerabilities are of no concern to you, think again. Even employees of Facebook, Twitter, and Apple have been attacked and compromised just by visiting a website. Java has become an increasing concern that has fuelled recommendations from the Department of Homeland Security for end users to disable it altogether, and has brought Oracle’s software development practices into question.

What options do you have to limit the risk Java poses to your organization?​